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Lyrics translation

Sidi El-Insan – Saint Homo Sapien

Sidi El-Insan

Translated to English by Sofian Zerelli
Edited by Znous

“Sidi El-Insan” is a North African “nouba/trance” song with which we try to invoke the most sacred and blessed spirit of all spirits: that of the human inner self.


In times where truth becomes the foe
In a land where even the breeze is for sale
Within man dies all dreams or hopes
Nothing is left for which the soul may roam

Oh Sidi El-Insan*1

The truth shall be revealed
Oh Sidi El-Insan
Even after tedious long times
Oh Sidi El-Insan
The eyes shall bloom and behold
Oh Sidi El-Insan
Against all terror and cold
Oh Sidi El-Insan
We crawl towards you, you and us are one
Oh Sidi El-Insan
Asking you for guidance
Oh Sidi El-Insan
We come to you as the oppressed
Oh Sidi El-Insan
We come to you as the oppressor

Oh Sidi El-Insan

*1 Sidi means “Master” in the Sufi context where this title is attributed to people of great faith (very much equivalent of saints in the Christian culture). There are hundreds of “saints” for which Sufi or superstitious Muslims call for blessing and help. There are cities and villages named after local “saints” such as Sidi Bouzid, Sidi Bousaid etc.
“Insan” translates to Human being, in his moral definition.

سيدي الإنسان

سيدي الإنسان هي نوبة الرجوع الى الذّات و الهروب الى الداخل

في زمان الحق عدو
في بلاد الريح باعوه
في العباد الحلمة تموت
ما بقى لاش تهيم الروح

يا سيدي الإنسان

لازم الحق يبان
ياو مهما طال زمان
لازم العين تشوف
مهما كلاها الخوف
جيناك منا فيك
تضوّي علينا طريق
جيناك مضامين
و أحنا الي ظالمين

يا سيدي الإنسان