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Esmi Mabrouk – My name is Mabrouk

Esmi Mabrouk / My name is Mabrouk

Translated to English by Sofian Zerelli
Edited by Znous

“Esmi Mabrouk” is a musical funeral with which we try to eternalize the memory of the shepherd child Mabrouk Soltani, beheaded by terrorist at the Salloum mountain in Kasserine Tunisia.


He remembers the days he was a little little boy and his childhood
Dreaming about growing up and providing for his family like his older siblings
He remembered the scorching heat of the sun, and the freezing cold of the nights
He might have forgotten much, but there is no way he’d forget the howling of the wolves.
He remembers when they said school was expensive and too far away
And when he went there he was mocked and bullied because of his bare feet
He remembered his short life spent shepherding and wandering like the wind
Then he woke up from his flashback when the terrorist asked him

“What’s your name?” sample from the terrorist footage

My name is Mabrouk…

He remembered the first tear that quenched the thirst of his eyes
The image of his mother Zaara was flickering in his eyes
He remembered the candlelight and the water he had to bring from the well
This place is called “Slatnia”(1) but there are no sultans here

He remembered when the soldier came to ask him for information about the terrorists
They offered him money to follow their tracks in the mountain
It didn’t cross his mind that the army of the state was using him
The same state that uses the very terrorist who is beheading him

“What’s your name?” sample from the terrorist footage

My name is Mabrouk…

(1) Slatnia is the name of the area in which Mabrouk lived

إسمي مبروك

يتفكر كيف ما كان زمان ولد صغير
يحلم يكبر كي خواتو يعاون أمّاليه
يتفكر حر الشمس الحامي و برد الليل
وبلي باش ينسى مش تا ينسى صوت الذيب
يتفكر ڨالو المكتب غالي وزيد بعيد
زيد ڨالو عليه زوالي حافي في ساڨيه
يتفكر عدى حياتو سارح كيف الريح
و طارت السرحة كيف الارهابي يسأل فيه

“شنوّة أسمك؟ sample from the terrorist footage
إسمي مبروك…

يتفكر أول دمعة روات عطش العين
تصويرة أمي زعرة لمعت في عينيه
يتفكر ضو الشمعة الميّة في ابادين
بر بكلّو سلاطنيّة و مافيه سلاطين

يتفكر جاه العسكر ڨلو شفما جديد
تبع جرت الإرهابي فلوس أنا نعطيك
ماجاش لبالو جيش الدولة يخدم بيه
الدولة اللي تخدم بالارهابي اليذبح فيه

“شنوّة أسمك؟ sample from the terrorist footage

إسمي مبروك…


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