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Lyrics translation

El-Mawdhuu – The Topic (EP interlude)

El-Mawdhuu – The Topic

Translated to English by Hella Grichi
(Sample audio sampled from a TV reportage where the journalist interviews an arrested suspect who is facing being jailed for selling alcohol without a license/black market)

“The simplest thing in this life is to work

What job?

Working for 20 Dinars a day won’t get you anywhere

When you go to work at a construction site, they give you 20 Dinars and make you work 12 hours

When you go to work at a wedding, they give you 8 Dinars a day and you work 12 hours as well

Do you understand the issue, brother?

This is our issue in this life

And I am not bothered by anything. Nothing.

Do you know what I want from this life, from the almighty God?

You know what I wish for?


Every moment, every hour, every minute that passes me by, each time I open my eyes in the morning

I wish to die

I swear to God as he is my witness, I want to die.

I die to rest.

Like that, I won’t have to think anymore.

Neither about money, nor the state, nor the people, nor a house, nor my sister, nor my father, nor my mother

Like that, I will be totally free from this life.”




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